Pulau Pangkor / Pangkor Island is an island in the Straits of Melaka. It has beautiful clean beaches and a turquoise-colored sea, a paradise for holidaymakers.

This island is growing in popularity among local and foreign tourists. Beautiful beaches with enchanting views are the main attractions to Pangkor Island.

Several types of accommodation are available on two main beaches of Pangkor – Pantai Pasir Bogak (Bogak Beach) and Pantai Teluk Nipah (Nipah Bay). Pasir Bogak offers a wide range of choices from budget chalets to comfortable hotel rooms to apartments while Teluk Nipah offers hundreds of wooden traditional chalets, modern brick chalets, and hotel rooms.

Our resort is the latest addition to Nipah Bay. We provide 43 fully-featured rooms that offer luxury and comfort to our guests. These are wooden panelled rooms built in a concrete, a revolutionary concept if you may call it, to give you a special feeling of living in a natural traditional ambiance within modern facility, to suit our theme of boutique accommodation.

Public facilities and ammenities are available on the island, e.g. banks with ATMs, post office, hospital, clinics, seafood restaurants and outlets, broadband internet, celular access and many others. To move around Pangkor Island you can use the island’s pink taxi (van) service or rent cars or motorcyles.

Activities you can embark on in Pangkor Island

Pangkor is a small holiday island offers modern infrastructure and facilities but nor forsaking its rich natural heritage – the sea, and the rainforest, for you to enjoy. Whether you come in couple, or family, or in a group, many activities can be organised for you to make your stay here memorable.

Watersport and Beach Activities

The lagoon of Nipah Bay is bustling with watersport activities and game. The most favourite for visitors is snorkeling tour. The tour will take you on a speedboat excursion around the lagoon to view our “4 beaches and two islands” and you will get to see some fascinating rock formations which resemble animals. At the end of the trip you will be dropped on the tiny Coral Island to take a dip and snorkeling. Here you can feed the fish by hand.

The games offered are towable-tubes like Banana ride or Big Mable and many more of your choice. They will be a thrilling and fun ride.

Or you may rent a kayak for a quiet row on the calm sea. For groups we can arrange Kayak Mini Expedition and Rafting Courses.

For groups and family day gatherings we can arrange for you a beach telematch comprising of simple but fun party games on the beach.

You can have picnic baskets on the beach too. Or beach BBQ party at night. Or you may try squid fishing at night on the same beach. For groups, we suggest fish netting, to catch fresh fish for impromptu BBQ supper and bonfire.


Pangkor Island is great for teambuilding programmes. We have trainers for modules like rope courses (Rappelling and Flying Fox), jungle trekking, Explorace (treasure hunt), orienteering, cycling and many more. Usually for a 3 days  2 nights programmes we include all the 3 elements available, the jungle (hills), the land and the sea.


A visit to Pangkor Island will not be complete until you have explored the island. But it is not a hard thing to do. The island is small enough that you can visit every place in less than a day. You may rent a motorbike or a private car to do it at your own pace. Get a map for direction.

An organised tour in a van may take 2 to 3 hours to complete you Round Island Tour. You will be taken to visit and view interesting places like the Pangkor Airport, Fishing Village (Boat Building Industry and Food Factory), Gardens (the seaside Temple of Lin Ji at Coral Beach and the hillside Temple of General Fu which houses a miniature replica of the Great Wall of China at Sungai Pinang Fishing Village), Galeri Pangkor (mini museum where you can learn a bit of Pangkor’s History), the Historical Site of Teluk Gedung where you can find a Dutch Fort ruins and the Sacred Rock and souvenir hunting at Pangkor Town.

Eating Out

There are a numerous eating outlets recommended for you. On the Nipah Bay beach itself there are many foodstall offering local dishes and seafood for your dinner, especially. The beach next to Nipah Bay has 2 beachside restaurants, one offers variety of noodles and steam-boat dinner and the other mostly Western food. If you wish to travel to town you may find Thai restaurants on Pasir Bogak beach and around town area. Also on Pasir Bogak, Chinese Restaurants and Cafes that serve great cuisines including seafood. There are also a handful of Malay restaurants and foodstalls around town area, kampungs and the jetty area. Fast Food outlets are a growing trend in Pangkor, you may find a KFC restaurant at the new Mutiara township.


Occasionally there are International and National Sporting or Cultural Events held in Pangkor, if you are lucky you may get involved in one of these. There are also local cultural and religious festivities you may witness or take part in Pangkor throughout the year.

Boutique Accommodation on Pangkor Island's Nipah Bay